Terra Ag Griffith Agronomy


Agronomy Services

The Terra Ag Agronomy Team is recognised in having extensive experience in Crops and Pastures grown in the area.

Terra Ag Agronomy draws on its local expertise in selection, timing and application of seed, chemical and fertiliser products give its broad acre and irrigation farmers the greatest chance of achieving the high possible yields and quality produce. Engaging the client throughout this process, agronomists aim to form a working relationship to obtain the best possible result on a farm to farm basis.

Agronomists have access to all major suppliers’ technical support and have been accredited to sell and service their products.

Terra Ag Services utilise Back Paddock Software and Summit to GPS reference grower’s farms, Paddocks and Cropping plans / budgets on a per paddock basis.

The agronomy team provide the following services;

  • On farm visits
  • Phone calls, emails and personal contact
  • Soil and plant tissue testing and recommendations
  • Paddock inspections for weeds, pests and diseases
  • Advice on rotations, fertiliser requirements, new crops
  • Paddock walks and preseason meetings
  • On-farm trials
  • Cotton Consultancy
  • Variable rate topdressing of fertilisers
  • Water and Gross Margin Budgets

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